Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Home!!

We are having such a fabulous time back at home in Bonaire that we have extended our stay to 10 days and will be going back to Curacao on early Monday morning (the 20th). We did so much rushing around the first few days, trying to cram everything into a short five days, that we have decided to take it easier for the rest of our visit and enjoy the rest of our stay at a more leisurely pace! I have started a photo album of some of the highlights of our trip, since there are way too many photos to post here.
It's great to be home!!!

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  1. Ellen, I just heard about Erwin. It seems he's doing much better, and I have to say he looks great! I know you're thrilled with your new grandbaby (my Mom's name is Molly too). Mokka must miss you something awful! Please give Erwin our best and we look forward to seeing you (at home and healthy) in September!