Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frustration & Fun

After running around all day last Monday with 3 visits to the insurance office and two to the doctor's office, getting Erwin's paperwork straightened out and going to the airport to pay for the plane tickets to Curacao, I got home late in the afternoon only to receive a call from Erwin's neurologist's office saying that his appointment for Tuesday had been cancelled and would not be rescheduled until early December. I had so hoped to be able to fine tune the dosage on his anti seizure meds, in consultation with his doctor, but now it will have to wait for another 6 weeks. So frustrating! Thankfully, his rehabilitation doctor comes to Bonaire, monthly, so if all goes according to plan Erwin will see him on October 30th.

Friends of Erwin's from his days at Toucan Diving have stopped by the past two Saturdays to spend some time with him. Yesterday they took an afternoon drive with Erwin around the southern part of the island and stopped by to visit with friends. Thanks, Mark and Resa :-).

Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Month Begins..

October arrives with no real progress to report. Erwin is holding steady. He has an appointment with his neurologist in Curacao, later this month, and also his rehabilitation doctor. After consulting with them, we will then try to figure out the next steps to take.

We bought a "zero gravity" chair for Erwin and it has turned out to be a great investment. When I go diving, we set up the chair in a shady spot on the beach, and Erwin can watch the sunset and converse with any friends that stop by. His friend Stewart has been picking up Erwin in the mornings and taking him along on his dive excursions, as well.

On a sad note, it is disappointing to see how many of Erwin's friends have pretty much abandoned him. I guess everyone is busy with their own lives and they don't have time to spend with a friend in desperate need of companionship and camaraderie. This breaks my heart.

A fisherman, that we have known for years, lost three of his fingers (just above the knuckles) earlier this week in a fishing accident. Yikes! We stopped by his house to see how he was doing yesterday and this morning he came by and spent a couple of hours chatting with Erwin.

Moko and Erwin...