Thursday, January 29, 2009

The light

There is finally a light at the end of this tunnel. Ellen finally got the news we have all been waiting for. Erwin is going to the Rehab. place on Monday. Thank you lord.

Till then, Erwin remains in a private room unless a bed in the general class comes open. We keep on praying that that bed never opens up. Ellen has moved from the hospital into a room at Kon Tiki which is owned by the Plaza so there are no cost there. Ellen is going to see about hiring a driver for the next week to get her around. He poor back just cannot handle the crowed bus rides.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The rollar coaster ride

Ok.....I have some cathing up to do. Let me see if I can remember everything that Ellen has told me.

First of all....Poor Ellen has a nasty cold. I can hardly understand her as her voice is almost gone. The good part is that her back has been holding out.

Erwin still gets alot of visitors and people call him on a daily basis. This makes him very happy. He continues to sit up to eat but is still on soft food. With the uniary track infection Erwin has to take a anitbotic. He cannot swallow it. Ellen has found it in his mouth when she goes to brush his teeth. I cannot believe that they would give him a pill to swallow when he cannot swallow pieces of food which would be softer. UGH

Erwin is having preseption problems and Ellen seem to think that he may not be understanding everything she thought he was.

Yesturday when I spoke with Ellen she said that they would be back home soon as Erwin's Dr. said that the Rhabilation Center would not take him. This was in a way a relief for her as the extra expense would now be off her shoulders. Later in the afternoon the Dr. from the Rehabilation Center came see them and he said that they wanted to take Erwin on as he was so young. They wanted to give it their best shot. Good news as this is exactly what Erwin needs to get any healing done at all. The bad news is that there now will be even more expenses for them as they have no idea how long it will be before a bed becomes available. It could be days, weeks or a month. Erwin will be in the hospital in Curacao till such time. Ellen has no choice but to move Erwin into 3rd class now. She has to find an apartment in Curacao for herself that is afordable.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news bad news

Sorry for the delay. I have not been feeling well.

Ok...Thursday as not a very good day for Erwin. He would not sit up for the PT. They could not understand it. Normally he tries so hard for the guy.

Friday they had Erwin in a wheelchair. He was sitting up on his own which is huge. No pillows for support or anything. It took my mom a week before she got that far. Remember when I said that they thought Erwin might have a bladder infection. They did the test and said that was not the case. Well, he did. Ok it was not a bladder infection but a uniary track infection. That was why he was having such a bad day on Thursday. He was not feeling well.

They also said that his carotid artery is clean. No blockage. Now they are trying to figure out where the blood clot came from.

Now that Erwin can get into a wheelchair..........Ellen can take him places. The went looking for a garden on the grounds at the hospital they were told exhisted. They could not find it even after asking staff who worked there for years. Ellen said that she would try again today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In a chair

Today was a pretty exciting day. Erwin was out of the hospital gown and into his own cloths. That is always an exciting move. Then the PT came he put Erwin into a chair for two hours. He was propped up with pillows because of the bad balance but it is a start. He was in the chair when the hotel manager, dive manager and a co-worker/friend came from Bonaire to visit him. What a nice way to visit with someone. Way better than seeing them in a bed all the time. Baby steps.......right now it is all about baby steps.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some test results

At last Ellen got a good nights sleep. She so needed it. The poor thing thought she was going to catch up on some sleep when she was back here on Bonaire but they are building a new house across the street from her. They were jack hammering at 6:45am Sunday. You would think there would be laws against that.

Yesturday (Monday) Erwin was finally sitting up with the help of a PT. Yes, a Physical Therapist finally arrived to work on him. He has Erwin put his hand on the PT's shoulder so that Erwin can assist in getting into a sitting position. He did not spend much time with Erwin (about 5 mins) but at least he is finally getting some Therapy. Erwin's balance is still really bad. Aparently Erwin told the PT....get me on a boat 30 miles out to sea and I will get my balance back.

The Cardiologist said that all of his test were negative so there is no problem with Erwin's heart. That is good news.

The Neurolgist basically told them that if Erwin does not get any movement back that he will not go into Rehab. It is still unclear as to how long they will keep Erwin in the Curacao hospital. I am guessing that they will wait at least a week to see if he gets any movement back. This is where we channel out thougths. Just keep picturing him walking Moka, diving, fishing or sunning on the beach in his speedo. What ever works for you. Maybe positive thinking will help him to move his left side.

Erwin still get's a ton of visitors from family and friends. Two of his co-workers will be there for him tomorrow. Maybe then we will get a new photo of Carnival man. HAHAHAH


Well thanks to Ellen's friend Dara who lives in the US we now have a paypay account that people can donate money to. Here is what Dara put on Bonaire Talk today.

Friends and family can make donations to help Erwin Muller on PayPal using the new email account:

Donations are made using the "send money" option and the email address above. Expenses for out-of-pocket hospital room and travel are certain to run in the neighborhood of 15,000-20,000 Nfl and that's just the beginning. This email is linked to a new account set up for the Muller's at my credit union. I will be able to transfer money directly into their MCB account from this account. In addition, Ellen will get an ATM card that will allow direct withdrawal from the account. Ellen will also have visibility to all deposits thru the email account and online banking for the savings account. Thanks to everyone for all of the concern and support. Let's help to ease Ellen's worry over money and get Erwin back on his feet again!!!

I have set up an account here on Bonaire with MCB (Maduro and Curiels's bank). The account is in my name (Linda Baker) because Ellen was off island and could not sign it. That account number is 400 050 800 if any body local want to help out financially. Thank you so very much to every body who has donated already. I am sorry....but unlike the paypal account.....Ellen nor Erwin will know who donated as there will be no record on this account.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Week Later

Well, a week has now passed. Ellen left on Saturday afternoon from Curacao to come back to Bonaire to get some more things. She wanted this info. to be quiet as the poor thing is extreemly exhausted. She cannot think clearly. I personally think she is doing amazing considering.

The Dr's showed up just before she was to leave for the airport. Not good timeing. They hooked him up to a machine but she cannot remember what it was for right now.

Aparently the nursing staff asked Erwin if they could shave off his beard. Much to Ellen's surprise.....he said.....sure. I am going to try to post a photo that was given to me. This photo is of Erwin just before he got shaved. I am still waiting for one with the beard gone. Basically what Erwin said will grow back in a few days. that the beard is gone I need to go to carnival. It is like a mask.....nobody will reconize me.

I am also going to try to put a photo out there of Erwin and Moka that Ellen gave to me. Wish me luck.

For now...there has been no change in Erwin's condition. I will post results of tests when Ellen gives them to me. She is hoping to know more tomorrow when she returns to Curacao.

Oh, I almost forgot. Aparently when the dive shop called him the other day, he asked the guys to drive Golden Eye (one of the dive boats from the Plaza) to Curacao to get him out of the hospital and take him back home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Jan 16/2009

GRRRRRRR Sometimes I hate computers. I lost all my work so here goes again.

Erwin is still getting a ton of phone calls. I spoke with him twice today. Both times all he could talk about is food and how hungry he is. He pretty much gets oatmeal or Cream of Wheat for two meals. Ellen said that they had a nice lunch (the main meal here) mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and mashed fish. The bummer is that Erwin catches fish, watches fish but does not eat fish. At this point in time Erwin is not allowed to have solid foods. I am shocked that they even give him fluids to drink. When I went through this same thing with my mom in Canada 4 years ago she was not even allowed to have liquids unless there were made into this nasty gel. The reason they do not give stroke people solids and liquids is cause it can go down the wrong way and end up in the lungs. If that happens they will get phenomena. Not a good thing.

Poor Erwin as also in pain today. His decathator is clogging up and now Ellen is afraid that he may have an infection. The nurses have tried to fix it a few times with no success. They finally changed it but it may be to late. They are checking him for the infection. Ellen hopes that the test comes back today as it is Friday. If he is not given antibiotics to clean up this infection today then he will not get anything till Monday. Yup, things pretty much shut down on weekends unless you are dying and even then.....who knows.

At least Erwin will be staying in the private or first class room. That is huge. This is why we need to help them out with cash. The first class rooms are not cheap. The government will pay for his care but not for a first class room. This will have to be taken care of by the family.

Now, for those of you who have spent any time at the little white house on the ocean by Something Special will have meet Ellen and Erwin's baby (dog) Moka. Moka is a beautiful Belgium Shepard. I have been picking her up on my way home from work and taking her back in the mornings to spend time with Erwin's sister. She loves being here cause she gets to spend time with her girlfriends. I have two females. Tudy and Spunky. I take them all for a walk after work and then Moka gets to spend time in the house till bedtime. She has to go out then cause I also have two cats and Moka is not use to them. She still wants to chase them.

Today was my day off so Moka got to go for car rides as I did somethings around town. I then took her and Spunky up to the top of Seru Largo for a walk. Tonight I was feeling bad from Moka as I know she is missing her mom and dad so I took her back to her old house and we walked her old walk along the sea. She was one happy puppy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thrusday Jan 15 2009

I just got off the phone with Ellen. She tells me that today was a really good day for the most part. All his co-workers called him to chat. This made him really happy. He was awake more today than all the other days so far. That is a really good thing.

I talked to him myself and all he can talk about is the lack of food in there. Now that's my boy. They only gave him liquids for most of the day cause they took him to do some tests. This is why Erwin was so hungry. They are finally trying to see what it is that caused the stroke. If it blockage then they need to operate to open it up again. If it was a blood clot for some other reason.....then they need to know why it formed so that it can be prevented in the future.

He appears to be pissed at the Dr.'s there for not doing anything. One Dr. came by and said that he was by a couple of time and could not find Erwin. Erwin said that he was hanging outside the balcony. He is so bad.

Ellen is going to try to come back on Sat. so that she can do laundry and get more stuff. Mostly she wants a computer. That would be a good thing cause then she can write this blog herself when she is bored. AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA ...She will go back again on Sunday or Monday morning. This will allow Jason go get back home and back to work as well. Jason will be flying back and forth every weekend for now.

Ellen also said that Erwin needs more visitors. Aparently everyone stopped by to see him when he was out of it. Now that he is more alert....nobody is coming to see him. Figures. I know that some of his family will be flying there on weekends so that is good.

The beginning

I am setting up the blog for all of you interested in how our buddy Erwin Muller is doing. As most of you know...Erwin suffered a major stroke on Saturday afternoon Jan 10 2009. He was helping out his niece doing some constructon work when the stroke came on. He was taken to the hospital here (B0naire) and was in there for 24 hours. He seemed to get worse as time passed.

On Sunday he was flown to Curacao where he was admited and a catscan was done. There were no Dr.s around to either check up on him, do tests on him or to talk to his wife Ellen and son Jason. Ellen and Jason were getting more and more worried as they had no answers and no improvement. Erwin basically slept the entire time only to wake up for a few minutes to see a visitor or two.

Finally on Wednesday Jan 14 the Dr.'s started to show up and do tests to determine the damage done by the blood clot that went through his brain. Ellen told me that he was staying awake longer and starting to make jokes. At one point Erwin was rubbing his belly. He kept on rubbing it and Jason ask his dad what was wrong with his belly. Erwin...still rubbing his belly's empty. That put a huge smile on everyones face for sure. He also asked for a hamburgar and a shake. Yup......that's our great friend Erwin.