Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well thanks to Ellen's friend Dara who lives in the US we now have a paypay account that people can donate money to. Here is what Dara put on Bonaire Talk today.

Friends and family can make donations to help Erwin Muller on PayPal using the new email account: Erwin2CanDive@gmail.com

Donations are made using the "send money" option and the email address above. Expenses for out-of-pocket hospital room and travel are certain to run in the neighborhood of 15,000-20,000 Nfl and that's just the beginning. This email is linked to a new account set up for the Muller's at my credit union. I will be able to transfer money directly into their MCB account from this account. In addition, Ellen will get an ATM card that will allow direct withdrawal from the account. Ellen will also have visibility to all deposits thru the email account and online banking for the savings account. Thanks to everyone for all of the concern and support. Let's help to ease Ellen's worry over money and get Erwin back on his feet again!!!

I have set up an account here on Bonaire with MCB (Maduro and Curiels's bank). The account is in my name (Linda Baker) because Ellen was off island and could not sign it. That account number is 400 050 800 if any body local want to help out financially. Thank you so very much to every body who has donated already. I am sorry....but unlike the paypal account.....Ellen nor Erwin will know who donated as there will be no record on this account.

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