Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The rollar coaster ride

Ok.....I have some cathing up to do. Let me see if I can remember everything that Ellen has told me.

First of all....Poor Ellen has a nasty cold. I can hardly understand her as her voice is almost gone. The good part is that her back has been holding out.

Erwin still gets alot of visitors and people call him on a daily basis. This makes him very happy. He continues to sit up to eat but is still on soft food. With the uniary track infection Erwin has to take a anitbotic. He cannot swallow it. Ellen has found it in his mouth when she goes to brush his teeth. I cannot believe that they would give him a pill to swallow when he cannot swallow pieces of food which would be softer. UGH

Erwin is having preseption problems and Ellen seem to think that he may not be understanding everything she thought he was.

Yesturday when I spoke with Ellen she said that they would be back home soon as Erwin's Dr. said that the Rhabilation Center would not take him. This was in a way a relief for her as the extra expense would now be off her shoulders. Later in the afternoon the Dr. from the Rehabilation Center came see them and he said that they wanted to take Erwin on as he was so young. They wanted to give it their best shot. Good news as this is exactly what Erwin needs to get any healing done at all. The bad news is that there now will be even more expenses for them as they have no idea how long it will be before a bed becomes available. It could be days, weeks or a month. Erwin will be in the hospital in Curacao till such time. Ellen has no choice but to move Erwin into 3rd class now. She has to find an apartment in Curacao for herself that is afordable.

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