Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good news bad news

Sorry for the delay. I have not been feeling well.

Ok...Thursday as not a very good day for Erwin. He would not sit up for the PT. They could not understand it. Normally he tries so hard for the guy.

Friday they had Erwin in a wheelchair. He was sitting up on his own which is huge. No pillows for support or anything. It took my mom a week before she got that far. Remember when I said that they thought Erwin might have a bladder infection. They did the test and said that was not the case. Well, he did. Ok it was not a bladder infection but a uniary track infection. That was why he was having such a bad day on Thursday. He was not feeling well.

They also said that his carotid artery is clean. No blockage. Now they are trying to figure out where the blood clot came from.

Now that Erwin can get into a wheelchair..........Ellen can take him places. The went looking for a garden on the grounds at the hospital they were told exhisted. They could not find it even after asking staff who worked there for years. Ellen said that she would try again today.

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