Sunday, January 18, 2009

One Week Later

Well, a week has now passed. Ellen left on Saturday afternoon from Curacao to come back to Bonaire to get some more things. She wanted this info. to be quiet as the poor thing is extreemly exhausted. She cannot think clearly. I personally think she is doing amazing considering.

The Dr's showed up just before she was to leave for the airport. Not good timeing. They hooked him up to a machine but she cannot remember what it was for right now.

Aparently the nursing staff asked Erwin if they could shave off his beard. Much to Ellen's surprise.....he said.....sure. I am going to try to post a photo that was given to me. This photo is of Erwin just before he got shaved. I am still waiting for one with the beard gone. Basically what Erwin said will grow back in a few days. that the beard is gone I need to go to carnival. It is like a mask.....nobody will reconize me.

I am also going to try to put a photo out there of Erwin and Moka that Ellen gave to me. Wish me luck.

For now...there has been no change in Erwin's condition. I will post results of tests when Ellen gives them to me. She is hoping to know more tomorrow when she returns to Curacao.

Oh, I almost forgot. Aparently when the dive shop called him the other day, he asked the guys to drive Golden Eye (one of the dive boats from the Plaza) to Curacao to get him out of the hospital and take him back home.

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  1. Prayers for healing..Mocha misses her walks I am sure..and I miss seeing you in your red speedo at Tori's Reef sunning with Mocha..haaaaaa