Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Jan 16/2009

GRRRRRRR Sometimes I hate computers. I lost all my work so here goes again.

Erwin is still getting a ton of phone calls. I spoke with him twice today. Both times all he could talk about is food and how hungry he is. He pretty much gets oatmeal or Cream of Wheat for two meals. Ellen said that they had a nice lunch (the main meal here) mashed potatoes, mashed carrots and mashed fish. The bummer is that Erwin catches fish, watches fish but does not eat fish. At this point in time Erwin is not allowed to have solid foods. I am shocked that they even give him fluids to drink. When I went through this same thing with my mom in Canada 4 years ago she was not even allowed to have liquids unless there were made into this nasty gel. The reason they do not give stroke people solids and liquids is cause it can go down the wrong way and end up in the lungs. If that happens they will get phenomena. Not a good thing.

Poor Erwin as also in pain today. His decathator is clogging up and now Ellen is afraid that he may have an infection. The nurses have tried to fix it a few times with no success. They finally changed it but it may be to late. They are checking him for the infection. Ellen hopes that the test comes back today as it is Friday. If he is not given antibiotics to clean up this infection today then he will not get anything till Monday. Yup, things pretty much shut down on weekends unless you are dying and even then.....who knows.

At least Erwin will be staying in the private or first class room. That is huge. This is why we need to help them out with cash. The first class rooms are not cheap. The government will pay for his care but not for a first class room. This will have to be taken care of by the family.

Now, for those of you who have spent any time at the little white house on the ocean by Something Special will have meet Ellen and Erwin's baby (dog) Moka. Moka is a beautiful Belgium Shepard. I have been picking her up on my way home from work and taking her back in the mornings to spend time with Erwin's sister. She loves being here cause she gets to spend time with her girlfriends. I have two females. Tudy and Spunky. I take them all for a walk after work and then Moka gets to spend time in the house till bedtime. She has to go out then cause I also have two cats and Moka is not use to them. She still wants to chase them.

Today was my day off so Moka got to go for car rides as I did somethings around town. I then took her and Spunky up to the top of Seru Largo for a walk. Tonight I was feeling bad from Moka as I know she is missing her mom and dad so I took her back to her old house and we walked her old walk along the sea. She was one happy puppy.

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  1. I am grateful for this post. I worry about Mocha. She loves her Daddy so. You are an animal angel and a good friend, Linda.