Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thrusday Jan 15 2009

I just got off the phone with Ellen. She tells me that today was a really good day for the most part. All his co-workers called him to chat. This made him really happy. He was awake more today than all the other days so far. That is a really good thing.

I talked to him myself and all he can talk about is the lack of food in there. Now that's my boy. They only gave him liquids for most of the day cause they took him to do some tests. This is why Erwin was so hungry. They are finally trying to see what it is that caused the stroke. If it blockage then they need to operate to open it up again. If it was a blood clot for some other reason.....then they need to know why it formed so that it can be prevented in the future.

He appears to be pissed at the Dr.'s there for not doing anything. One Dr. came by and said that he was by a couple of time and could not find Erwin. Erwin said that he was hanging outside the balcony. He is so bad.

Ellen is going to try to come back on Sat. so that she can do laundry and get more stuff. Mostly she wants a computer. That would be a good thing cause then she can write this blog herself when she is bored. AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA ...She will go back again on Sunday or Monday morning. This will allow Jason go get back home and back to work as well. Jason will be flying back and forth every weekend for now.

Ellen also said that Erwin needs more visitors. Aparently everyone stopped by to see him when he was out of it. Now that he is more alert....nobody is coming to see him. Figures. I know that some of his family will be flying there on weekends so that is good.

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  1. A sense of humour and an appetite ... both are good signs. Our prayers are being sent every day for good test results and the best of all possible outcomes.
    hugs to Erwin, Ellen and Jason,
    Denise and Teddy