Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some test results

At last Ellen got a good nights sleep. She so needed it. The poor thing thought she was going to catch up on some sleep when she was back here on Bonaire but they are building a new house across the street from her. They were jack hammering at 6:45am Sunday. You would think there would be laws against that.

Yesturday (Monday) Erwin was finally sitting up with the help of a PT. Yes, a Physical Therapist finally arrived to work on him. He has Erwin put his hand on the PT's shoulder so that Erwin can assist in getting into a sitting position. He did not spend much time with Erwin (about 5 mins) but at least he is finally getting some Therapy. Erwin's balance is still really bad. Aparently Erwin told the PT....get me on a boat 30 miles out to sea and I will get my balance back.

The Cardiologist said that all of his test were negative so there is no problem with Erwin's heart. That is good news.

The Neurolgist basically told them that if Erwin does not get any movement back that he will not go into Rehab. It is still unclear as to how long they will keep Erwin in the Curacao hospital. I am guessing that they will wait at least a week to see if he gets any movement back. This is where we channel out thougths. Just keep picturing him walking Moka, diving, fishing or sunning on the beach in his speedo. What ever works for you. Maybe positive thinking will help him to move his left side.

Erwin still get's a ton of visitors from family and friends. Two of his co-workers will be there for him tomorrow. Maybe then we will get a new photo of Carnival man. HAHAHAH

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