Thursday, January 15, 2009

The beginning

I am setting up the blog for all of you interested in how our buddy Erwin Muller is doing. As most of you know...Erwin suffered a major stroke on Saturday afternoon Jan 10 2009. He was helping out his niece doing some constructon work when the stroke came on. He was taken to the hospital here (B0naire) and was in there for 24 hours. He seemed to get worse as time passed.

On Sunday he was flown to Curacao where he was admited and a catscan was done. There were no Dr.s around to either check up on him, do tests on him or to talk to his wife Ellen and son Jason. Ellen and Jason were getting more and more worried as they had no answers and no improvement. Erwin basically slept the entire time only to wake up for a few minutes to see a visitor or two.

Finally on Wednesday Jan 14 the Dr.'s started to show up and do tests to determine the damage done by the blood clot that went through his brain. Ellen told me that he was staying awake longer and starting to make jokes. At one point Erwin was rubbing his belly. He kept on rubbing it and Jason ask his dad what was wrong with his belly. Erwin...still rubbing his belly's empty. That put a huge smile on everyones face for sure. He also asked for a hamburgar and a shake. Yup......that's our great friend Erwin.

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