Sunday, October 25, 2009

Frustration & Fun

After running around all day last Monday with 3 visits to the insurance office and two to the doctor's office, getting Erwin's paperwork straightened out and going to the airport to pay for the plane tickets to Curacao, I got home late in the afternoon only to receive a call from Erwin's neurologist's office saying that his appointment for Tuesday had been cancelled and would not be rescheduled until early December. I had so hoped to be able to fine tune the dosage on his anti seizure meds, in consultation with his doctor, but now it will have to wait for another 6 weeks. So frustrating! Thankfully, his rehabilitation doctor comes to Bonaire, monthly, so if all goes according to plan Erwin will see him on October 30th.

Friends of Erwin's from his days at Toucan Diving have stopped by the past two Saturdays to spend some time with him. Yesterday they took an afternoon drive with Erwin around the southern part of the island and stopped by to visit with friends. Thanks, Mark and Resa :-).

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  1. Hello Ellen and Erwin,
    ... sounds like it was a really nice day with Mark and Resa. Good luck with the neurolgist visit in December. Close your eyes and imagine you are on a car ride with us here in Maine, fall foliage is peak and beautiful. It is a bit chilly for you compared to Bonaire but we can turn the heat up in the car. :-) We can take a drive by the ocean too; water is cold and rough, but awe inspiring. Ofcourse we would much rather be in Bonaire on a real visit with you.
    Kisses to Molly. And, well wishes . . .
    Hugs, Denise and Teddy