Friday, October 2, 2009

A New Month Begins..

October arrives with no real progress to report. Erwin is holding steady. He has an appointment with his neurologist in Curacao, later this month, and also his rehabilitation doctor. After consulting with them, we will then try to figure out the next steps to take.

We bought a "zero gravity" chair for Erwin and it has turned out to be a great investment. When I go diving, we set up the chair in a shady spot on the beach, and Erwin can watch the sunset and converse with any friends that stop by. His friend Stewart has been picking up Erwin in the mornings and taking him along on his dive excursions, as well.

On a sad note, it is disappointing to see how many of Erwin's friends have pretty much abandoned him. I guess everyone is busy with their own lives and they don't have time to spend with a friend in desperate need of companionship and camaraderie. This breaks my heart.

A fisherman, that we have known for years, lost three of his fingers (just above the knuckles) earlier this week in a fishing accident. Yikes! We stopped by his house to see how he was doing yesterday and this morning he came by and spent a couple of hours chatting with Erwin.

Moko and Erwin...


  1. Hello
    Not sure if you will remember me as it has been at least 20 years since we - Lance, my son, and I were in Bonaire. I would give my eye teeth to be there more but from the west coast of Canada it is just too much financially. But I think of all of you often - more so now than ever. I got my albums out and took a walk in memory lane. Erwin may be struggling with his physical self but his personality sure shines through in his smiles. I was so pleased to hear that Jason had made you grandparents. As I recall, you went through a lot when he was little. He was just starting school when I was last there and visited his school. I wish I could be there to help with whatever but maybe just letting you know how much I think you all and wish you the very best. I would like to send something and had your mailing address somewhere on this site. I will look for it again. My very best wishes for a continued recovery Erwin Just so long as you can get out on a dive boat and tell everyone " Get off my boat"
    Lorna Long
    Sooke BC Canada

  2. Ellen....I'm coming back in May. We need to spend some time together. I think I owe you and Erwin a lunch (or 2 or 3).

  3. Ellen and Erwin, We wish you all that is good . . . I wish that all of us who can only wish we could visit actually could. Poor Moko! Wishing both Moko and Erwin lots of smiles. Molly must bring lots of laughs and smiles your way.

  4. Ellen and Erwin, I think of you both quite often, and should take time to let you know that ! I can't imagine the struggle you've faced but Erwin's smile is priceless! I'm glad things are progressing for him, albeit slowly. I will contact you soon about my next visit. Hopefully I can stop by for hugs !

    Kelly Baum

  5. Hey Erwin, I send my very best from beautiful New Jersey. The whole family looks forward to seeing you in December. I am glad to hear that you are improving after the medecine dose was reduced.
    Ellen, congratulations on the Trapania bonellenae. Your work is remarkable.
    I will see if I can go fishing on that beautiful new boat but also realize with me on board nothing will be caught.
    My very best,
    Toby Laughlin

  6. It has been a very, very long time since I saw Erwin but have had in my thoughts since hearing of this. I send all good wishes and hope that he may stay positive and heal.

    Often times people fall out of touch with people they care about because things happen in their lives that sidetrack them. I hope Erwin knows he has many, many people thinking and praying for him and I hope to visit next time I am on island. Take care and keep the faith. Let the positivity flow and take all the goodness people are sending your way! Smile, we are here to enjoy yet another beautiful day!