Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Difficult Times

It has not been a good first two weeks for us in the month of July. Erwin had another seizure on the 4th of July. The following week was filled with doctor's visits. He had his first visit with the insurance doctor who deemed it appropriate to tell Erwin, in the most tactless manner, that he better start thinking about another line of work because he will never work as a divemaster again and his benefits will run out in a year and a half. Poor Erwin was in tears all that afternoon. We all knew that this was probably the case but thought it was more important for Erwin to concentrate on getting better and not concern himself with financial matters just yet. All our efforts to wait until we thought Erwin was ready to hear this news were for nothing. Monday, July 13th we were back in Curacao to see Erwin's neurologist. He was prescribed a different anti seizure medicine than he got the last time. His doctor says this drug has less side effects but when I looked up the medicine online I found a lot of reports of very undesirable side effects...I hope that Erwin does well on them. To top off all of this news....I had my dive gear stolen last week! Here's hoping the second half of July is better than the first!

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