Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Update

Erwin's anti seizure meds were started at a low dose and gradually increased over the course of a few weeks so that he is now taking the maximum dose. These drugs totally drain the life out of him. His recovery from the stroke is going to be greatly impaired, as long as he needs to be taking them, which his doctor mentioned would be for two years. I have asked a few US doctors their thoughts on Erwin's treatment and they concur that he needs to be on the anti seizure drugs. There hasn't been any improvement in his left arm function.

He finally got back in the water, for some swimming, twice last week which he thoroughly enjoys. Erwin is currently in extreme need of some occupational therapy but there is none available here in Bonaire so we are going to have to figure something out on that front. That will be our next project.


  1. I so wish Erwin the best...there's got to be a way to get the therapy he needs...I so wish I could help. I'll be thinking HARD!! HUGS to you all!!!:)

  2. HI Erwin and Ellen,
    We are hoping you are enjoying every moment with Molly. Her sunshine of a smile has to be just so awesome. May your love for her help you both in every effort towards physical improvement. Keep on enjoying those swims too!
    Denise and Teddy