Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year Begins

First the good news...Erwin's friend Stewart is back on the island. He picks up Erwin every morning and takes him along on his dive excursions. Erwin really enjoys this. Erwin was also interviewed for a documentary on the history of windsurfing in Bonaire and participated in a rally " Boneiru Activo" which promotes participation in sports and fitness activities. The attached photo is from the Boneiru Activo ceremony at the sports stadium. This photo was on the front page of the Extra newspaper. Erwin is on the far right with the other representatives of the windsurfing contingent. Photo courtesy of Ibi Piar..
Now the bad news...Erwin's younger sister (49) suffered a massive stroke on January 7th. She is currently in the hospital in Curacao but will probably be sent back to Bonaire next week. From all accounts she is not doing very well. More on this later.

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  1. so good to hear that Erwin is getting out and about and being recognized for his contributions.

    sorry about his sister. will keep positive thoughts for all of you. wish I was there!!