Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First day

Today Martijn and Monique...a couple that use to work at Plaza with Erwin came to visit him. I am waiting for a photo from them of Ewin with is tumba mask on. HAHAHAHAH That photo of him without his beard.

He had his first PT and OT but have not heard how it went or what they did. Martijn was telling me that he was there while Erwin was eating. He says that Erwin tried to eat by himself. He still needs his food cut as that is not easy with one hand.

They also tell me that Erwin is still very emotional when someone new sees him. That is very normal for stroke survivors.

A very special thank you to Monique and Martijn for visiting with their friend and for taking photo's for the rest of us to see how wonderful Erwin is doing. Go get them big guy,


  1. Great to see our buddy sitting up...