Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ellen went directly to the hospital when she got to Curacao. Erwin was still in Emergeny when she arrived. He just got out of the recover room not at about 4:30 ish. He is presently in the surgery ward. They are taking his BP every 2 hrs or so.

They do not know what is happening. He definately has an infection but they do not know what kind of infection it is and they will not give him any antibitoics till they know. Because of that they are only giving him a IV for the next few days. If things get worse then they will do another scan tomorrow. If he stablizes for now then they will deal with him on Monday because it is Carnival. This is aparently the worst time to be in the hospital in Curacao. Please keep Erwin in your thought and/or prayers once agian.

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