Friday, May 22, 2009

The Two Molly M's

The anti-seizure medication that Erwin is taking really seemed to knock him out yesterday. He slept for most of the day and only woke for a few hours in the evening for a walk and a visit with friends. Today was a different early morning phone call from our son Jason, saying that he would be arriving in Bonaire shortly with his new boat, had Erwin up and ready to go! We went to the pier at Club Nautico to see Jason arriving with the boat from Curacao. Our granddaughter Molly was also there and very happy to have her Dad back home! After taking some photos of both of the Molly M's (boat & baby), Erwin went to his physical therapy session. Erwin then ate a good lunch, took a short nap and went back over to the boat this afternoon with Jason. I am so glad to see him come back to life again today!


  1. Oh, Ellen, it is so good to see & hear that you and Erwin are doing so much better. And a new granddaughter to boot! Erwin looks like a new man. Bless both of you. I know you will both be just fine. Hugs, Carole and Joe

  2. I'm loving the two Molly M's...but that first one sure is cute!!!:)

    I'm so happy that the meds are working and that Erwin is improving so much. I think that having a bit of a life and so many friends after a stroke, that has got to be helping him.

    Erwin, Keep it are a fine man!!!:)

    HUGS, Pegi