Saturday, May 16, 2009


I don't know how much updating I will be doing now that we are settling in back home. In the first days after Erwin's stroke, a therapist from the hospital told me that when talking about the recovery of a stroke victim......not to think in terms of days or even weeks but in terms of months. The recovery process is very slow. Since getting back to Bonaire, we have set up physical therapy sessions for Erwin three times a week. I try to take him swimming several times a week but I am going to have to find some more people to help me with this part of his therapy. We stopped by at Bistro de Paris last week to pick up the funds generated from the breakfast that Patrice served at the windsurfing event/fundraiser. We were treated to a delicious lunch...Thank you Patrice!!

Another milestone was reached yesterday...some movement in Erwin's left hand. This was the first time he has moved his hand since the stroke. Although he regained some slight movement in his arm last month it is not functional here's hoping that he can gain some sort of function with his left hand and arm!

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