Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Erwin's Birthday...Thanks!!

A big thank you to everyone who made Erwin's birthday so special. To all his friends and family who made the trip over to Curacao by boat and plane and those who sent cards, donations and words of support, our warmest thanks. Erwin's spirits were really lifted being surrounded by so many loving friends and family. It was a wonderful day. Erwin needed this celebration after the trying 12 days he spent in the hospital last was just what the doctor ordered! Masha, Masha Danki!!


  1. Happy belated Birthday Erwin From Linda's lil bro back in frozen land.

  2. Erwin, Liz and I are sending a happy birthday to you... Bon Pasco, and hare krishna tambien...
    Fuerza hein!
    Abraco do Machon!
    Vladi & Liz

  3. Mr. Muller!
    Saw you in the papers today! Didn't know you were crazy enough to surf to Curacao!!
    Better late than never:
    Happy birthday!!