Monday, March 9, 2009


The windsurfing event planned for Sunday, March 8th, unfortunately was cancelled due to dangerous seas and high winds but even so, Erwin had a fabulous weekend. This was the first time, other than the car ride from the hospital to the rehabilitation center, that Erwin has been out and about since January 10, when he became ill.

Saturday, some friends picked him up and we toured around to a few scenic spots and ended up stopping at a beach where we ran into Erwin's niece and her husband and kids. He had a great time chatting with them and being out in the sun and near the ocean.

On Sunday, an old friend from his windsurfing days picked us up and this time we were looking specifically for places that are wheelchair accessible. We headed out to Caracasbaai where there are some nice walkways and stopped in at Windsurfing Curacao and said hello to Ingmar. We decided on a late lunch at Papagayos that was delicious and once again Erwin got to spend a nice amount of time relaxing by the ocean. On the way back to his friends house we stopped by to see another old windsurfing acquaintance and things got very emotional. We then went over to his friends house where Erwin decided he wanted to try and negotiate some tricky stairs to get up to the living level of the house. Erwin got in some good physical therapy, carefully and slowly, getting up and down those stairs. After enjoying the gorgeous view and great company, we headed back to the center. The ride back was filled with conversation and excitement, discussing plans for next weekend's outings!

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