Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Erwin

(posted by Linda)
This is just an update on the birthday party. Unfortunately I could not attend it so I have to get all my info from someone who was there. There are way to many photo's to post so bear with me till I can figure out how to post them elsewhere.

My short report: It was a blast and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, all in one day. Erwin Muller celebrated his birthday and boy, Curaçao will remember this a longtime from now. An impressive group of family and friends took the opportunity to sail and fly over to give the big man the celebration he deserved.

Erwin was at first overwhelmed by emotions because he realized how many people love him and care for him, not only by showing up in person but also the amount of cards (the majority with very generous donations), presents and of course Bonairean 'Bolo' (birthday cake) touched him deeply. His long time friend Benny celebrated his birthday as well so we had twice the fun. After the initial stroke and the many problems in the weeks after, it is amazing to see how he is doing.

To start with; Erwin is on a strict diet and it shows. He lost around 30 pounds in a month. Erwin does not like to be on a diet as everyone knows how much he likes to eat well. He is already able, with some help, to move from a wheel chair to a comfy lounge chair from where he welcomes his guests. The best news is that he can move his left leg better and better, he also has started to notice sensations and involuntary muscle movements in his left arm. This could indicate that his body is starting up again. The PT sessions (three times a day) will push him forward. It is still a long and hard road ahead but all signals are positive.

Other good news is that Erwin is allowed to leave the therapy center during the day time on the weekends so family and friends can take him for a ride.

More birthday party photos here...

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  1. Better late than never, happy birthday and get well soon!

    Viola Sanders & René Douw, the Netherlands